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Rickie Turner

July 2, 1953 ~ April 19, 2018 (age 64)
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Rickie Lorraine Turner was born in Sarasota, Florida on July 2, 1953. On April 19, 2018 she entered Heaven's Gates and returned home.

Rickie was the youngest daughter born to Jack Lloyd Turner and Mary Evelyn Metcald, both of whom preceded Rickie in death and who were waiting to take their beloved baby into their arms and welcome her home.

As a young girl Rickie had a limitless imagination. Everything in her path was an adventure. She loved, more than anything, to play dress up with her older sisters Becky and Sandy, or enjoying the outdoors as they pretended to be cowboys and Indians.

1960 brought Rickie a younger brother, Mike, who would not only become a new sibling to share her adventures with, but also a best friend for many years to come.

Rickie also had a deep love for animals. Her love for animals only grew as she got older. At a young age Rickie wanted to see that all of God's creatures were safe and loved. A passion that she also shared with her sister Becky.

In 1964 Rickie and her family moved to Bartow, Florida. It didn't take anytime at all for the small town to feel like home. It was there that she went on to attend Bartow High School and would forever be known in the community as one of “The Turner Girls.”

Family and friends were Rickie's passion and delight her entire life. In 1979 Rickie gave birth to a little girl, Stacy.

As a mother Rickie's love and commitment to family only grew stronger. As a single mother that love just became more fierce. Rickie instilled in her daughter the foundation to be whoever she wanted to be and to never let her dreams be persuaded by anyone. Additionally, she never let a day go by between the two of them where her mother's love didn't shine through.

In November of 1998 Rickie was by her daughter's side as she had always been, and welcomed her first granddaughter, Jessica into the world. Jessica was the second little girl blessed with the love of such an amazing woman. Rickie loved every minute she was with Jessica. No matter what, Rickie was determined to give Jessica everything her little heart desired.

Rickie's favorite role in life was a grandmother and she was blessed once again with that title in September of 2005 with the birth of the third girl to receive the blessings of her love, and her name was Cadence.

Rickie spent the last years of her life as she did the first years. Teaching her granddaughters how to live with limitless imagination and embrace the adventures ahead. Sharing a love for cowboys and Indians with her sister as they cared for animals they came across along the way that needed saved and loved. She explored the outdoors with her brother, content and happy, just the two of them, outside on their own adventures. Even if they weren't little kids anymore she still got excited at the possibility of discovering something new, just as she always had since her brother came into this world. She remained her daughter's biggest fan, watching ash she became exactly who she wanted to be and live her dreams.

Rickie is survived by her sister, Rebecca Swick (Douglas), her brother, Michael Geoghgan. Her daughter Stacy Coffey (Marc) and two beautiful granddaughters Jessica and Cadence Coffey.

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